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The title to Yun*chi’s new, 3 track single Your Song* finally has it’s full MV published! Watch as Yun*chi sings her bright and sunny dance track while sporting cute and sexy outfits! Every time Yun*chi dances she does this little side-to-side two step and it’s the cutest thing. It’s like her go to dance, haha! Your Song* goes on sale November 13th!

「Your song*」 / Yun*chi
words: Yun*chi music: Hayato Tanaka
produced by Floor on the Intelligence

music video by 関 和亮 (Kazuaki Seki)

1st single「Your song*」2013.11.13 on sale


1. Your song* <アニメ「ログ・ホライズン」エンディングテーマ>
2. Waon* with IroKokoro Project  <NHKワールド「J-MELO」エンディングテーマ>
3. Fuzzy*
4. Your song* (instrumental)
5. Waon* with IroKokoro Project (instrumental)
6. Fuzzy* (instrumental)
CRCP-10300 1,200yen(tax in)

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(Source: YunchiChannel)