I want Taeyang’s unique color! I’m just not getting it in this! 

Seungri’s Just Gotta Talk To U was made for him. It was something created to match his voice, his style, and it was great. CL’s Baddest Female was a boss track custom ordered for our 2NE1 leader that no other girl in the Kpop scene could pull off. But Ringa Linga? To me it sounds VERY G-Dragon-ish. Like from start to finish I pictured GD’s raps and vocals being an easy substitute for Taeyang‘s. I’m not entirely sure what I had in mind before listening, but I think I was expecting something a bit more Dance. I just feel like out of all the recent YG solos Taeyang’s is the most… generic, because it lacks the same individuality heard in the others. Ringa Linga sounds like it could have been on COUP D’ETAT, or have been another single for GD.

With all that being said in no way is Ringa Linga bad it’ s just not something I feel possesses Taeyang’s color, and that’s why I’m “Meh” about it. I want him to come out with something that’ll make me say “THIS is Taeyang. He’s OWNING this sound!” In general though, Ringa Linga is a good track- lot’s of energy. I’ve been most hyped to see the MV since news of his comeback, so counting down for that!

P.S. Lol at his “Don’t kill my VIFE” lolllll.




(Source: BIGBANG)