JIN’s debut has to be one of the most emotional ones evaaaaaaarrrrrrrr

Why, Woollim? Why do you want to see me sob, runny nose and red eyed, as I try to control my shaking shoulders so no one sees me and asks “Omg what’s wrong?!” just so I can scream “…..JIIIIIIIIIIN!”. JIN‘s Gone might have a story that’s been told time and time again, but that doesn’t make it any less impactful. Plus, it’s not always about the content but how you TELL it, you know? The way Woollim filled all of this heart wrenching stuff into a 5 minute time slot is crazy. I could have sworn I just finished watching the final episode of a romance drama or movie- at least that’s how I feel coming out of it. JIN’s vocals are really pretty and she’s sure to do great with this debut, especially with such a strong visual accompaniment featuring a star cast. You know, the hype was pretty worth it!




(Source: woolliment)