Give me some time, please… I need to get my sh*z together

I’ve been wrapped up in so many things lately that I forgot VIXX‘s pre-release song ONLY U was coming out today! When I saw it uploaded my heart damn near burst out of my chest- VIXX ARE BACK, AND SO SOON! ONLY U was shot entirely in Sweden as the guys are currently on their global THE MILKY WAY showcase tour, and they look FANTASTIC in the video! This is the best they’ve ever looked, rocking some of the most well put together outfits I’ve seen in a minute. Lately Kpop has been filled with these tough and rough badboy images, so it’s refreshing to see a male group comeback with a look that’s mature, sophisticated and intelligent! I love EVERY outfit the members are wearing, specifically Ken and Leo’s. As a song, ONLY U has a catchy melody that’s easy to get into. It’s nice and calm but still has enough spice to keep you bumping. And let me just repeat that this is the PRE-RELEASE from their new album. PRE-RELEASE!!!

Oh and before I forget to mention it it was great to actually HEAR Hongbin (bout time I heard more of that voice! Such a nice tone!), and listening to Leo’s deep vocals was a very pleasant surprise. Who knew he could go so low?! Another great release from my favorite male idol group. My wallet is ready for your 1ST FULL LENGTH ALBUM, GUYS!!! CONGRATS!!

P.S. N! I love N! He’s so vivacious! Just look at how he carries himself- I absolutely love it! This is a group where it’s REALLY HARD for me to pick a bias. I mean I have one, but now I’m almost afraid to say who it is because there’s a couple of members that make me question it all. SIGHHHH!!

Before 1st regular album release, a music video of pre-open song [ONLY U], which was filmed in Stockholm, Sweden, is grand-open! Six guys of VIXX came back with more mature and more grown look.

For the first artist in Korea, this music video was shot on all-location in Sweden. An exotic image by beautiful view on streets of Stockholm, Sweden, well matched with an addictive music and it creates a movie atmosphere.
Pre-open song [ONLY U] has VIXX’s meaningful challenge in pursuit of the new!!
Expect how new they look in the title-song of VIXX regular album.


(Source: RealVIXX)