How the hell did this pass in Korea though lmao??

Can someone break it down? Like how is it that a teaser that actually shows bare butt and boobs can be approved in the hella conservative country that is Korea? Did that whole MV approval law go away and I just missed the news? I’m actually shocked! Whatever the reason Phantom‘s newest MV is hot, and not necessarily because of the nudity. The fact that the guys are being this ballsy and releasing some (potentially) controversial sh*z in order to produce the kind of music they want gets them MAD props. Plus the song sounds like it’s gonna be hella sexy too, but with a concept like this it kinda has to be. Oh, and I can’t forget it features my girl Navi! Really, really excited to see what Phantom have in store for us with this! New Era‘s teaser’s below!


(Source: Brandnewmusickorea)