Korean rap trio “PHANTOM” releases the clean version MV teaser + full MV to their new single ‘Hole In Your Face’

Never have I seen a music video with a concept like this before, but I like it. Suspense, mystery and intense story are all tied together into a teaser that’s little over half a minute long, leaving every viewer anticipating the full release.

Just in case the original version was too much for you, PHANTOM has released a less-graphic teaser to Hole In Your Face. Not that the original was anything heavy, fans of horror have seen MUCH worse, but for those who are?squeamish?this clean version should be perfect. It still packs the same punch as the explicit version; you’re not missing out on a thing.

Ooo moments after posting this the full MV was released! If you can’t watch it yet it’s because the video is still processing. Enjoy!

Clean Version Teaser


Full MV



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(Source: Brandnewmusickorea & AsianDream2016)