Jolly V drops diss track towards Tymee and Kitti B! They respond!

So remember those disses that were going around in the Khiphop scene a little bit ago? Well, although hella late lol, the female emcees are finally adding their contribution! Jolly V was the first to start it back up by releasing Bad Bitches, but Kitti B and Tymee quickly came back with their responses. Jolly V raps over a beat produced by SouLime while Kitti B uses Rihanna’s Pour It Up instrumental and Tymee Lil Kim’s Black Friday. Sh*z  is exciting! Stay tuned for more updates- this is so much fun haha!

UPDATE: I added the English trans (credit below) to Jolly V and Kitti B’s tracks. Still waiting for Tymee’s so be on the lookout!

UPDATE #2: I added Tymee’s FROM. YOUR BITCH translations (all trans credit goes to IJustWannaRhyme) and HOLY SH*Z DID SHE KILL IT! OMG!!!!

UPDATE #3: Added Choi Sam’s diss to Tymee. Trans on the way! She rapped over Emilio Rojas’s Ziggy

UPDATE #4: Added Choi Sam’s DISS TIME translations! Courtesy of IJustWannaRhyme

Jolly V- Bad Bitches

you spit because you have a mouth fuck is that rap

doing it because someone tells you to, is that hiphop

in your mouth a banana white flesh oppa

female eminem, female outsider, still don’t get it

megaphone breasts and she said to shake it

and then she asked oppa can I do it?

what the fuck where’s ur gut

no style and nothing to see just disgusting stuff

tymee pseudo-hiphop

seller of pieces of rap, you’re a hustler

put down that hiphop ID

the music you sell by selling your soul

hiphop is music you put your soul into

put your two fingers up and shout Vs up

the sleeping MC has awaken move aside

bad bitches I don’t act like you

bad bitches I do well just like this

So I’m talkin to you bad bitches

Ye I’m talkin to you bad bitches

Ye I’m talkin to you bad bitches

TYMEE who else should be here

Lauryn Hill, Eve, Tasha T, Nicki Minaj

seen a lot but never get that feel

next to hiphop’s name the befitting MC

think about it right now out of many females how many

I’ve seen all of them comes and goes

kids that go back and forth like motel hoes

it’s like a meeting that has no next time

one night stand grabbed a pen and mic for you

fucking dick-less bitches can’t say anthing

if I’m a guy would’ve already popped cherries

I’m not a “female rapper” just a rapper

I capture my soul and put it into scripture

which female, the second somebody bitches

hip hop don’t need a fucking bitch like you

it’s a bitch itself and I’m the only one to fuck it

Damn Good.

So I’m talkin to you bad bitches

Ye I’m talkin to you bad bitches

Ye I’m talkin to you bad bitches

Bad Bitches Bad Bitches

AMRT ur pussy crew

the only thing you’ve shown is your curvy body

just look at the red light district unnis dejavu

but those unnis at least make a living

seems like you’ve brought a lot female crew, young, new

but that’s about it your skills are so baby-like

fuck your artistry

one time love that’s past its season

that’s where it shows

all you want is an oppa to fuck with

yo spread your message

hiphop’s basics

so get your own message

I’m sorry it doesn’t get covered with your body

the depth that’s seen it’s floor

infatuated with the title of

a woman over music

bad bitches I don’t act like you

bad bitches I do well just like this

So I’m talkin to you bad bitches

Ye I’m talkin to you bad bithces

Ye I’m talkin to you bad bitches

TYMEE Kitti B who else should be here

Kitti B- I’m a WOMAN

Cause I’m a woman

I’m a female

younger sister, unni, or noona, a miss, daughter later I’ll be called a mom

living as a charming woman feels so good

the sisters around me atmosphere so good

I cause jealousy

get love from my fans

your fans are scared to go to your performance

your face is fucking ugly

don’t need to say anything they all know

it’s anachronism you can’t make it here

you don’t have to reject the title of a woman because you look like a man

even if you keep working no one seems to care

your music? tears well

in real life? almost a little boy

Fuck you jolly boy

I’m happy because I’m a woman

pretty clothes pretty things wearing those my look

I’m not lazy with making myself pretty that’s my attitude

i protect what a one night?

you don’t fucking know me

if you probe deeper you’ll be surprised

from 1 to 10 I’m

better, more special than you

watch and learn from me

Cause I’m a woman

I’m a hot lady I like my title

you can’t even mimic me look at your pathetic self

girls on top, lightly crush it and ascend

you’re formally the perfect blend

perfectly suiting the presence of a man with your tone

acting tough, awkward cursing it’s dirty and go… good

keep going keep up the animosity

can’t find skills or charm

your rap, face the more I hear and see it it’s difficult to respond

annoys me baby

I’m what you said a bad bitch

thanks to you got the word out more

I confidently put the badge of cool bitch

and give alms with my sweet mercy

show time running around playing in that putrid beat

that’s your world with just you overpopulated

masturbate there

out of everybody’s interest your desire

‘B’ is winner deja vu

look around ‘v”s side— only failures


To. Piggy. V

what I first want to say to you

fuck you

you just by selling me, your dick wants to get famous

I have a lot of album’s

but, what about you?

you’re not my class that’s an amateur

you wrote down lyrics from what I wrote 10 years ago

‘I’m not a woman MC I’m a just MC’

then, that seemed like the real shit

no. that was the retard that threw away his/her weapon

banana? you probably haven’t seen a real one shut your mouth

if you haven’t gotten near a guy’s pants don’t even talk

well, as long as it’s fun that’s enough you call me a bitch for that

wow hip hop scholar

힙부심 (hip boo shim)* fuck that

you said that I sell my soul to sell music

you know it well

yours is music that doesn’t sell

what was it?

Vs up?

can’t see the vision

at least try to lose weight you pig

you can’t be a bitch

you can’t do it

it’s not that you aren’t doing it

you can’t do it

you can’t be a bitch

you can’t do it

with your inferiority complex you’re just a fatty jealous of this bitch

it’s said that your face isn’t looked at but before you are a rapper

you’re still a woman

so take care of yourself

if you made music, for your music

hold a jumprope in your hands and jump a bit

with that body you took a sweat stink filled music video

black and white pig bitch shaking aerobic video

yeah ok. I was shake it, too.

mine was fucking hot so it went out overseas

you and your pig friends on a picnic in sweats

was too much like shit to be called a music video

it’s been three months since I’ve told you to come at me

oh your a late queen, I didn’t know that

the MC was asleep. so.. did you sleep well?

at the time you were tweeting like shit now are you awake?

raise two fingers and shout Vs up?

fuck, fuck you this is my reply alright?

you can’t be a bitch

you can’t do it

it’s not that you aren’t doing it

you can’t do it

you can’t be a bitch

you can’t do it

with your inferiority complex you’re just a square face jealous of this bitch

if I’m pieces of rap

you’re a fat lump

you’re just a fresh newbie on the fringe of hip hop

hip hop with your mouth, who can’t do that

you can’t feel the depth

I still keep it real

the album that I released for fun hit it big

the track that you released by sharpening knives is a mere diss shit

all your juniors that go to see your performance laugh

“She fucking couldn’t do live”

just at rap

I guess you thought your unni was an easy target

I found out you’re 24 years old

I thought you were an ahjumma** (married typically meant to mean old lady)

I was surprised by your face

this bitch that’s 5 years younger than me acting like a know-it-all

Welcome. It’s the first time your dissing right?

Yeah I know that my buff is fucking awesome

you acting all tough only in your rap is revolting

what about the times you were dangling onto a man and crying your eyes out

you can’t be a bitch

you can’t do it

it’s not that you aren’t doing it

you can’t do it

you can’t be a bitch

you can’t do it

with your inferiority complex your an ahjumma jealous of this bitch

you narrow minded Joseon shi dae*** baby

rap isn’t closing your eyes and acting cute

because this unni made her time to play with you

just keep walking your way and stop acting tough

for now, well everything put aside

upgrade your level

and release an album

what do you expect from an EP?

do you dare while having fucking nothing, want me to respond?

all you people listening honestly say it

If Jolly V spreads would you want to eat it


you’ve agitated a bitch like me and dug your own grave

your pronounciation, tone, face, body all of it’s wack

my cookie is prettier than you

my neighbor’s dog is hotter than you

your visual and inferiority complex be honest

you can’t be a sexy hoe

that’s your limit

fuck jolly.v

your face is comedy

can’t fit in even with the females

your body is an elephant

yo an ugly piece of shit can’t even be a bitch

you won’t ever get to look at a motel

what you spit out can’t even disrespect

talking shit about what others have talked about and copying it, are you satisfied?

‘you spit because you have a mouth fuck is that rap’

haha fuck this is rap

don’t babble at least put some gut into it

there’s no energy or depth in your rap you mother fucker

from. your bitch

fuck you pig

*힙부심 (hip boo shim)- the word itself comes from putting 힙합 (hip hop) and 자부심 (pride) together. It’s connotation carries to mean a crazed hip hop fan. Like hip hop fans who look down on everything else but hip hop. It’s meant to describe the narrowminded hip hop-only people. Note!! This connotation applies to this song, at least in the way Tymee interpreted the word 힙부심. Many others argue that 힙부심 is simple pride in hip hop and that one should have it if one is a fan of hip hop.

**아줌마 (ahjumma) is a term describing a married woman. typically meant to mean an old lady

***조선시대 (Joseon shi dae)-Joseon shi dae was, in simple terms, a Korean state/dynasty. Tymee is trying to say that Jolly V’s stuck at an old place in time. “Jolly V you’re living with an ancient mindset” kind of thing? I hope you guys get what I mean lol


This is an unsound timing

Jolly V ok Kitti B ok this Tymee…

what’s the difference from your Control LOL shit

I like the bad bitch dope deep all of it but I hate you

obvious superficiality, predictable worth

from a long time ago foolishly spitting that method

like this like that get indigestion ultimately just fast words

you don’t say the right words you just focus on your pronounciation

variety of intentions but actually boring

exactly when will your filthy words all end

in this hot scene why this fuckery what jolly v said was all true

please stop now shut that mop-filled mouth

everyone asks who’s was better the answer is this track

I don’t bite I’m not a dog just a person

you can’t even do better than my first mixtape you lost

your’re mistaken all fake even if you get angry it’s your fate

no matter how you try to deny it it’s all obvious

the concept that you have it’s really awkward

I usually respect all female rappers

T, Rimi, Jolly V, Kitti B, Sleeq, you Tymee

but is this rap is that what you call a mouth

if you are going to use it like that just give it to me

if I have it I can use it well

I’m way better past e.via

you’re from 1 to 10 all off key

height measuring acorn* yeah that fits perfectly your place

my dreams since early morning viciously cursing

why do you keep saying say fucking shit about me

know you don’t have anything so why are you keep asking for disses

I really wanted all of us to have refreshments

Not even kidding, I was really going to contact everyone before this year ended

but it’s fucked up now my dream’s thrown away teared apart

that’s why I want to diss your putrid self

*키 재는 도토리 (height measuring acorn, acorn measures its height) is an idiom which means no matter how many times acorns are measured, they are still significantly small in height. Referring to how no matter how hard Tymee tries, she’ll be stuck in the same lowly place.


(Source & Trans: Their Soundclouds