Introducing Jeno, Seulgi and Taeyong

This was just announced and SM has released very little information, but I’m still excited! SMRookies is a pre-debut group made up of Jeno (far right age 13), Seulgi (far left age 18) and Taeyong (middle age 18). For the boys we just have teaser images but for Seulgi SM has released two short videos: one of her singing White Christmas and the other of her sharing cake with us all while Super Junior Donghae’s Sweet Cake plays in the background. These three rookies are said to be some of the best trainees SM has, so expect some great talent to be showcased in the near future. Check out the individual teaser images and Seulgi’s video clips below (her voice and delightful, and so is her face!)

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UPDATE courtesy of Soompi:

SMRookies will introduce SM’s new “Co-Creation” system. Fans will be able to participate in preliminary events and showcases before the official debut. The rookies will have the freedom to form different groups with each other, and show their day-to-day lives and practices to their fans. These rookies will also participate in concert and variety shows to win the hearts of fans. We can also expect covers of songs by their company’s seniors and their own originally composed songs in open performances to showcase their talents.

Seulgi might seem a little familiar with those who keep up with the show “Radio Star.” In an episode this past August, it was revealed that Kyuhyun had a crush on Seulgi, who was just known as an SM trainee back then. During the show he sent her a message, “I hope you are training hard. I’ll cheer for you so you make it big. But don’t become too famous.” After that episode, Seulgi became a hot topic for netizens. She is called “the second Taeyeon” among fans. She has been training for about five years and has even practiced with Krystaland Sulli, who are the same age.

Basically YG WIN with some changes, it seems like.







Seulgi’s Christmas Carol

Seulgi’s “Sweet Cake”

(Info & Pic Credits: SMRookies Facebook & Soompi)