Featuring m-flo’s VERBAL, THIS is what I’d expect from a top singer like Ayu

Feel the Love was just sloppy. It had some basic EDM beat with Ayu vocals slapped on top and was released just for the sake of EDM being the trend. But Merry-go-round? THIS is a solid song. The instrumental and Ayumi Hamasaki’s vocals actually WORK together, and the progression of the two is fluid. VERBAL’s rap part is such a sick addition, too. It’s something that adds an edgy, exciting touch to the sweet melody. In the comments section of our Feel the Love article we were talking about how in EDM the music should guide the vocals, not the other way around, and I think this track accomplishes that- I’d download it and bump it on the regular with no hesitation. Listen below and let us know how you think Merry-go-round stacks up with Feel the Love!




(Source: ayu)