‘Truth or Dare’ by Gain

This round of Gain comebacks has been more about concept than music it seems, which makes me a bit uneasy. Music should always come first, as that’s the main art form you’re creating, but Kpop focuses so heavily on creating a nice aesthetic to go along with the tune that I think sometimes the music suffers a bit. I’m just used to music being the primary focus so it’s a relatively new idea to get used to, concept being just as important (and, maybe, in some cases MORE important). Gain’s Truth or Dare and Fxxk U have told incredible stories through their visuals, but the actual song’s listenability falls so flat to me. But I love this girl, and I love what she brings with her performance so it’s okay for now. Seriously though, Gain has found her niche in the Kpop world. I believe she’s the only Korean singer that truly embodies that sexy, mysterious, confident, womanly vibe. Others try to emulate while Gain simply IS it. What do you think of Truth or Dare? And Fxxk U too?

P.S. Yay for Show Lo being in this! I love how they’re helping each other out in their respective releases! Show already debuted in Japan so maybe this appearance in Korea means a Korean debut is in the works? Who knows, but it’s exciting!


(Source: LOEN MUSIC)