That wasn’t even supposed to rhyme lmao 

Korean duo OKDAL recently took a trip to Haiti where they got inspired to create their new single ENCHANTE. The song’s said to be about encouraging struggling individuals to look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel and a happier tomorrow. Nice message, right?! Listen and watch below!

P.S. The footage is absolutely adorable!!

OKDAL is the female-duo comprised of Kim Yoonju and Park Sejin. OKDAL formed in 2009. The two friends were both born in 1984 and graduated in the same college as well. The compound word “OKDAL” is formed from the words “Oksang” and “Dalbit” (in Korean), their common word. In November, 2013, they went to Haiti. They were inspired from that experience and composed this song. The lyric tells us artist’s hope, ‘Even though it was rainy yesterday and we are spending very hard time today, Tomorrow, the rainbow will be with you.’

Artist: OKDAL (옥상달빛)
Album Title: ENCHANTE
Release Date: 2014.02.20
Genre: Folk pop/ Indie pop




(Source: Mirrorball Music)