Exciting! Excitement!

A lot of people still don’t like m-flo‘s new sound, much preferring their m-flo loves days. I admit those were some pretty iconic times with damn good music, but I like the new m-flo too. Their past two albums (and this new single) is filled with vibrant energy and youth. It’s music that’s meant to encourage you to have fun and let loose, and I’m so down with that! Yes m-flo is very EDM now, but I still think they manage to maintain their own flavor. I just really like how free-spirited their new stuff is!

Go Crazy is the 1st single we’ve gotten so far from their new album FUTURE IS WOW releasing March 26th, and it features BIGBANG‘s Taeyang (or SOL in Japan). As always the album will feature some highy recognizable names (Ayumi Hamasaki, SOL (from BIGBANG), Reina Washio (Flower / E-girls), MNDR, Ruby Prohet, Bella Blue, MACO, Matt Cab, Yoohei Kawakami [Champagne]), so that’s gonna be exciting. I wonder if CREAM’s Minami will be the main vocalist for this album like she has been for the past two? I really hope so! Check out the short version to Go Crazy below and enjoy the ride!

p.s. It’s already been a year since NEVEN came out. Damn, time goes by FAST!

p.p.s m-flo has been PUMPING out the albums these past couple of years! Safe to say they’re truly back!!




(Source: mflo10yrs)