Another job well done!

Z.Woods got the vocals on point and the instrumental completely redone. The original, as most of you probably already know, is this banger with deep bass, but Z.Woods puts a more sensual spin on the track and it came out chill (and then that drop happens!!). Also worth mentioning is that the vocals, production, mixing and all that jazz is completely his own doing, as you’ll see in the video. If you like what you hear there’s a FREE DL available on his Soundcloud!

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Who is not currently infatuated by Beyoncé? She’s killin’ the game right now. I wanted to take a stab at redoing this as a challenge to myself. Flippin’ this definitely stretched me to step my game up too. Had to write a new second verse since B’s was not really meant for dudes…Many have asked how I go about recording, producing, performing etc. and hopefully this video will shed light on how sh*t goes down at the studio.




(Source: Z.WOODS)