m-floIdk how I feel about this one…

Overall My Way is like this… wannabe (American) Trap thing with piano and stuff and I just don’t get it. The first thing that turned me off is VERBAL‘s singing in the beginning- ugh it sounded so off lmao. But it was only for a second and then he went back to rapping and everything was cool again. Ayumi Hamasaki, to my surprise, sounds really good in this! Her voice is very pretty which makes a good contrast to the beat, but the main thing that stuck out with her performance was her RAPPING! Yes, Ayu started spitting and it wasn’t half bad (granted she’s not a rapper and she’s only doing it for m-flo). She put on this tough little voice and tried to work her flow and it was really cute- I’m not mad at her! “I know that you want this” like whaaaaaaaa?! I never heard Ayu talk like that!!

I’m looking forward to their new album, but based off of this short clip I don’t think My Way’s gonna be a song I listen to frequently. I’m feeling like it’s gonna be one I skip almost every time it comes on :/. What do you think, guys?

m-flo’s 8th album FUTURE IS WOW will be out March 26th.




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