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Fresh new sound with great direction, it’s Glen Check!

SXSW is just around the corner (March 7th to be exact) and we’ve got days of interviews lined up for you guys! We’re spotlighting some of the awesome Korean bands that are coming to the States to spread not just their own music, but the power of the Korean Rock scene as a whole! Enjoy the interviews, this next one being with Korean band Glen Check. These guys have an interesting way they go about creating their music, diving head first into concept before anything else. Definitely a band you’ll want to keep on your radar because Glen Check are doing so many things right, and it’s not just me that thinks so- they’re collaborating with some world renown producers that are excited to work with them on their new projects. More details on that in the interview!

Glen CheckYoung Generation (This song is such a good time!)


Congrats on your tour and playing SXSW! Please introduce yourselves

Thanks! We are band Glen Check from S.Korea.


How’d the band get the opportunity to perform at SXSW and what days/times is the band performing? 

We received a call from the Seoul Sonic team who provided this great opportunity. They’ve been working with local bands for several years now leading Korean bands to the States and promoting them, and we were lucky to get their attention this year. We’re playing on the 13th at Icenhauer (10:00 PM to 10:40PM).


Where do you guys get your musical inspiration? 

From everything around us. We always try to reach the ultimate conceptual conclusion before even starting to write songs. We gather all of our visual, sonic, literal ideas with our crew (The Basement Résistance) to build a strong philosophy around each album or musical act. When the ideas are clearly setup, then we start to write songs.


I know it can be hard for Korean bands to get the opportunity perform in America. What advice would you give to a band wanting to tour the States?

We honestly don’t think we can advise anyone. The best advice we could give would be “Get lucky”!


It’s hard for Korean musicians to get notoriety if they don’t have a mainstream Kpop sound. What was it that made people start to notice Glen Check as a band, and when did you all begin to really get popular?

Like in many other countries when the mainstream pop scene grows the line between the idea of mainstream music and independent music becomes noticeable, which means people start to recognize the difference between mainstream artists and independent artists and begin to show interest in independent music. We were just in the right place at the right moment with the sounds indie fans were looking for, and were lucky to receive a lot of feedback in a short period.


Besides performing and making new fans, are there any other things you’re looking forward to doing while in the States? Any places you guys wanna see or foods you wanna eat? 

We are scheduled to meet Steve Lillywhite, famous producer of Rolling Stones, U2, and Talking Heads just to name a few. We plan to record a new song with him.


After SXSW you have some other show dates right? Where are you guys gonna be? 

We’ve uploaded our schedules on our Facebook page and website, check it!


What are some of Glen Check’s future plans? Anything big in the works? 

We’re currently working on several remix EPs featuring incredible producers from around the world. It will be released really soon this year. Keep yourselves updated!


I hope you all have a sick time! Anything special you want to say to fans before the tour starts? 

Hope you enjoy! We’re coming for you!
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