I wish I liked this… I really do. What a let down…

So far this is the second track I’ve heard from m-flo‘s new album that I’m less than enthused about. I don’t like Yoohei Kawakami‘s voice, and seeing as he’s the main vocalist in this song there was a LOT of it so that’s that. VERBAL then comes in a bit later and although not horrible, his rapping isn’t particularly good either. Usually he raps in this monotone/robotic type of way that fits the music well, but in FLY the music is so quiet leaving him performing in almost a cappella and it’s just weak and doesn’t work. Then you got the beat. Taku Takahashi created some standard EDM Dance sh*z that’s so basic. It doesn’t have any m-flo flavor- it could be literally ANYBODY that’s riding the EDM wave’s song. The only part I somewhat enjoyed what the breakdown that begins around the 3 minute mark.

This isn’t m-flo, not the m-flo I fell in love with. And let’s just remember that I’m not hating on them and their new sound, because their last two albums were amazing to me and I STILL play those joints to this day. This is just trash. Maybe not trash in general, but for m-flo it definitely is.

On the bright side the video is SUPER cool.





(Source: mflo10yrs)