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FarEastVibes has been and always will be about the music, but we’re not opposed to throwing in some other media if you guys would enjoy it! This mini interview has Yuka (you may recognize her as the frontwoman to the crazy band TRIPPPLE NIPPPLES) sharing a meal with former Sumo champion Konishiki as they talk about his life pre, during and post his time as a Sumo wrestler. It’s a fun video with a relaxing approach towards doing an interview- there’s always good conversation to be had while sharing a meal!

Let us know if you’d like us to post more stuff like this, content that’s not just music-geared and showcases other Asian art forms and aspects of culture. It could be fun!

In our second episode of “VICE Eats With…”, we sat with former Sumo champion Konishiki. Although at first intimidating, he and our VICE correspondent Yuka talk about his early days in Japan in between bites of chanko nabe, a Japanese style stew popular among Sumo wrestlers. We visited “Kirishima”, where we indulged our winter stew cravings in the Ryogoku area of Tokyo.

ちゃんこ霧島 (Kirishima)
Address: Sumida-ku, Ryogoku 2-13-7, Tokyo
Phone: +81 (0)3.3632.8710




(Source: VICE Japan)