Bruce Lee EA UFC

This is gonna be epic!

Now I’m not one for UFC fighting games, but with this kinda perk it’s gonna be hard to pass this up! EA‘s new UFC title for the next gen consoles will feature a playable Bruce Lee character, and his model looks absolutely stunning. The video below has Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, explaining what you can expect and why she decided to go forth with this idea, despite what some people might call “contradictory” to the Bruce Lee philosophy.

This is exciting! Next gen graphics make Bruce Lee so fluid and lifelike- it’s gonna be a trip!

P.S. The game’s not about Bruce Lee per se so when I say he’s “starring” in it I don’t mean that literally but come on, he’s a legend! His name IMPLIES star status!

I am very pleased to announce our partnership with Electronic Arts in the new UFC video game for the next gen consoles. I hope you will watch the VLOG we did for this exciting occasion (there’s some gameplay in it :)) Shannon


(Source: Bruce Lee)