King of Hosts

VICE spotlights kingpin Naoki and his host club “Club Fantasy”

Here’s an opportunity to not just learn more about host clubs but also Naoki, one of Japan’s most popular hosts, in this VICE documentary. The documentary is kind of one sided showing way more “pros” than cons to the host club life, but there’s other videos that show more of the grim side so if you’re interested they shouldn’t be hard to find. A lot of the time host clubs come off kinda shady- they already lowkey have that reputation (is it even lowkey??). Interesting piece about a crazy lifestyle- it was fun to watch.

The philosophy behind Club Fantasy, located in the seedy Kabukicho district of Shinjuku is that customers are offered the opportunity to spend time with “pop idols that you can actually meet”. Naoki, the alleged ‘King of Hosts’, makes around $30,000 a month, stars in his own music videos, and is considered a local legend in the host club world in Tokyo. Vice Japan visits Naoki in his stomping grounds as he takes us on a tour behind the scenes.


(Source: VICE Japan)