Chad Future

This is crazy

I don’t check for Chad Future at all, but I did watch his Mnet mini documentary like last week and I empathized with his passion and words. His new track Rock The World is going to be very exciting as it features VIXX‘s own Ravi. Never would have thought these two would collab, partly because I didn’t know Chad Future was THAT big. I’m hyped for this, honestly. The instrumental doesn’t sound half bad and the MV looks like the urban badass concepts we’re used to in traditional Kpop, so it should be fun. Let’s see what Rock The World brings us!

P.S. Chad Future must be making money cause this video cost!

The Music Video teaser for Chad Future Feat. VIXX Ravi “Rock The World”. In the first of many AK-Pop collaborations, this addictive dance song brings together the two powerful American and K-Pop performers onto one stage.
The full music video and Single will be released April 21st, please stay tuned!


(Source: ChadFuture)