Sentences may be a bit choppy. I’m writing on feels right now

I wanna do a member break down for this post because all the guys are doing so well and they each deserve a little something for their individual performances. Warning: A lot of caps to show my EXCITEMENT!

N: I don’t hear too much talk about it, but I LOVE his tone of voice because it’s so full and mature sounding. Another thing I love about him is how his energy is always turned all the way up- he completely gets into character from the facial expressions to the dance moves. Leader material for sure.

Ken: HIS VOICE IN THIS, THO!!!! I’m hearing all kinds of high octaves and great vocal control and it’s just doing everything for me! I think this is the best I’ve heard him sound EVER! I’m so happy they’ve given him even MORE vocal parts and MORE SCREEN TIME TOO! Dude was all up and through this MV and was even the center of the choreography. So happy that Ken, who I believe is one of the least popular members, is getting ample time to shine. Looks like his popularity is increasing!

Leo: Can’t deny this dudes sexiness. He’s always had that tall, dark and handsome aura about him and VOODOO DOLL’s the perfect concept to show it all off. And I really love his high pitched vocals (but so does everyone else!).

Ravi: Who doesn’t love Ravi? That dudes voice is like… it’s so deep I can see people wondering if he’s faking it, you know? It’s awesome, and when he adds that roughness when he raps- it’s a WRAP (get it? … lmao okay i’ll stop). He has the perfect voice for tough & badass concepts like VOODOO DOLL’s. Plus this guy can dance his ass off- he gives me more power in his moves than N. N ain’t no slouch, but when it comes to hitting a dance step with absolute force Ravi is the man. If you haven’t noticed it before watch for it from now on and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Hongbin: THIS GUY WAS ACTING HIS ASS OFF! That scene in the beginning when he’s singing into the skull mic and going crazy just did it for me, and I’m not even going to talk about his intense stares at that voodoo b***h. Like he may not get the most lines but what he lacks in vocal parts he makes up for in acting. He’s not just some visual who stands there all day and looks pretty, he’s also able to deliver with his performance (Just watch Girls, Why? again and look how he’s all adorable with his dimples in that MV. Dude is VERSATILE!). I do wish I heard more of his voice though because he’s another member with a really solid tone. Oh, and his hairstyle for this era is amazing!

Hyuk: The only reason he’s mentioned last is because he’s barely in the video, and his line in the song is so short it hardly counts. I mean I get it, Hyuk is an okay dancer with okay vocals and isn’t the visual so his role is pretty limited besides being the maknae, but damn he’s STILL a part of the group so can he get some shine?! And even if he’s the least “necessary” out of all the other members that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have fans that would love to see more of him. It must suck to film a video, watch it with all your members and staff after it’s all done and not even see yourself for 10 full seconds.

VOODOO DOLL is an amazing track with a fantastic concept, and props to Jellyfish for giving VIXX something different. Horrific, gory imagery like this in Kpop is very rare but VIXX took the dare and nailed it. It’s worth mentioning that the gore is just the right amount to get the point across, but not make things gross. Another thing I love about VOODOO DOLL’s concept is that it’s so unique that no other boy group out right now can compete with it. With this concept VIXX can stand out among the masses and really impress. Can’t wait for them to win their first award! Expect VIXX’s 1st full length album VOODOO on November 25th!

P.S. Tell me this instrumental doesn’t make you feel insane?! Like it has a crazed feeling to it- the producers totally captured the feeling! Korean producers be on some dope sh*z!!


(Source: RealVIXX)