I just want the music video already!

ชักช้า is kind of all over the place, it being this weird electronic/classical thing with different tempos mashing together, but I sorta like it. The video only plays a minute of the song, and the MV teaser was released a month ago. I’m just ready for the full release but I guess that’s what building anticipation is all about! Check below for the translated lyrics and, of course, the video!

P.S. The lyrics are pretty wack…

I just want you to know that I don’t wanna take this slow
Baby girl perfect I’d show you my Rolex
I got that slick style, dope fly, swag by
He’s just a lame player and a little faker
Grab your wings and fly high
This girl ain’t a pass by
You’re born to live once so baby don’t regret it once