Chad Future

It’s good!

Chad Future’s Rock The World is well done, can’t even hate! I honestly think it’s pretty cool that Chad Future is doing the same exact thing Kpop idols are doing, just on the other side. Full English lyrics with bits of Korean, and a song and video that features a member from one of the most popular rookie groups out right now. He’s doing the damn thing and it’s awesome- he’s a legitimate American Kpop star. Supposedly his mini album will feature more collaborations and I’m excited to see who else he’s paired up with, especially since he’s collabing with still relevant Kpop idols and not ones that have lost their fame years ago and are willing to work with just about anyone anyone to get back in the spotlight lol. Ima keep checking for Chad. I like what he’s doing and digging the movement.

Rock The World is one of the first “AK-POP” music singles featuring Chad Future and VIXX power rapper Ravi. This duo came together in Los Angeles to record an addictive and modern dance song for all fans to enjoy around the world. Featuring both English and Korean language, this song brings together the two powerful American and K-Pop performers onto one stage. Chad Future 1st Mini Album is coming soon with more American K-Pop collaborations on the way. The song is Mastered by Legendary Engineer Tom Coyne (Jay-Z, Usher, BigBang, 2NE1) and Co-Written by Drew Ryan Scott (Girls Generation, EXO).


(Source: ChadFuture)