Lmaooooo, it’s cool though! 

Based on his Facebook posts and even his stage name changing (Will has more cool points than Wilber, I guess), I swear Will Pan wants to be a Hip Hop artist. It’s cool though- I like that he’s trying to incorporate some swag into his Pop tracks. 王者丑生 has this pseudo Trap beat and I totally get it: Taiwan’s not a country where Hip Hop/Rap is in the mainstream so in order to be a “successful” artist you kinda have to be Pop based, but Will is trying to tie in his other musical interests into the Cpop genre. I’m not gonna lie, the song so far is sounding wack… but I am excited to listen to it in full because it’s Will Pan and I’ve been listening to him for a while now. Here’s to hoping the beat actually ends up being hard as f**k and I get my life (but I doubt it, seeing as we’re talking about Taiwanese Pop music here…).




(Source: WillPan4U)