There’s a reason why he’s considered a Khiphop veteran!

P-TYPE pays tribute to a number of Hip Hop originators and trailblazers in his latest track Timberland 6″, the most notable (well for me at least because it got me the most hype) being his shout out to Black Sheep and their record The Choice Is Yours starting at 1:55 in the video. Timberland 6″ is filled with 90s Hip Hop nostalgia from the dancing to the fashion. The 90s were the good ol’ days and one of, if not the last decade of high quality EVERYTHING! I just saw a picture on Tumblr that showed American gas prices in the 90s- it was 79 cents a gallon for regular, son!!!!!!

I’m getting off track, but that’s what P-Type’s latest release did for me- it gave me some great nostalgia! For the hell of it I’m going to include Black Sheep’s The Choice Is Yours below. It’s real good, wholesome Hip Hop that spreads a positive message.

Black Sheep- The Choice Is Yours




(Source: Brandnewmusickorea)