Aaron Yan + G.NA

From Aaron Yan’s new drama Fall In Love With Me

I don’t ship, but I’d be lying if I said Aaron Yan and G.NA don’t look hot together. ½ is the opening theme to Aaron Yan’s latest drama Fall In Love With Me, and its video is both glamorous and adorable. I was curious about what language G.NA would sing in, and to my surprise she actually used Mandarin (and of course English). The song is decent, your average Cpop stuff, but I’m more hyped about a new Cpop/Kpop collabo, in general, than this song- I love how we’re seeing more Taiwanese and Korean artists work together! G.NA hasn’t debuted in any other Asian country besides Korea to my knowledge, so seeing her do this was exciting. Enjoy ½ below!




(Source: 華研國際)