He’s doing the damn thing, can’t even front

A lot of Korean netizens aren’t happy with the message HANGOVER is sending out, but they gotta realize the song’s not for the Korean market. It’s totally American and, whether it’s right or wrong, that’s the kind of stuff mainstream America likes hearing.

HANGOVER is meant to be a crazy party anthem and the video shows no less. Props to PSY for staying true to his YG Fam by including both GD and CL in the video, them both looking fresh to death as they always do. It hasn’t even been 24 hours since the video’s release and it’s already at close to 10 million views. PSY, surprisingly, is still going strong. I think a lot of people (myself included) thought that he was gonna be a one hit wonder but all of this is proving otherwise.

Also, we need to peep YG’s gangster. HANGOVER just came out but at the end of the video they announce how ANOTHER single, DADDY, is going to be released this Summer. YG is sticking to the Korean strategy of releasing frequent single albums to keep the artist’s name in the spotlight, versus the Western system of releasing a single and letting that one track ride for a minute. Nope, PSY just dropped HANGOVER, that’ll get some buzz, and right when it starts to die down his new song will come out. Wouldn’t be surprised if a mini/full album is around the corner.

Western countries need to peep, and then adopt Korea’s music industry strategy, cause it’s the best and I’ve been preaching that for years now.



(Source: officialpsy)