I have a very special place in my heart for BoA!

How can anyone not love her? She’s a queen that radiates happiness and has been doing so since her debut. It must be so trippy for her to look back on her life and be like “Wow… I’ve been doing this for 15 years!” Like BoA started when she was a young teen and she’s now near thirty! It must be pretty amazing to watch your growth, both in the industry and out, after all these years being in the spotlight! BoA was the first artist to introduce me to Kpop. Through her anime theme songs and her m-flo loves collaborations, she’s been with me for years!

MASAYUME CHASING is a Summer hit! It’s so exciting and bubbly and the choreography is the perfect fit, especially during the chorus with that vogue-esque arm and leg flailing! BoA also raps a little bit and of course nails it being a veteran and all! MASAYUME CHASING is the opening theme to the anime Fairy Tail and will be available on July 23rd!

MASAYUME CHASING Spot Fairy Tale Version


(Source: avexnetwork)