This new Beijing based band has such a well-crafted sound! 

It’s kinda hard to believe these guys are new to the scene since their music is so well balanced. There’s no rough edges or confusion- CAssette have a strong idea of the kind of music they want to put out and enough talent to execute it. Their mood is so dreamy and paints such a vivid picture~ A cloud-filled sky with a few cracks for sunlight to seep through, thick fog enshrouding all and dew drops on crisp green grass blades. CAssette are peace and stillness, with your hints of chaos and crazy, in music form. Perhaps these adjectives describe humanity with their calm and poised exteriors but raging insides, and maybe that’s one of the things CAssette want us to get out of their music. Listeners who don’t understand Chinese will still be able to get into their vibe, so don’t fret! Are CAssette ones to watch? I definitely think so.

Their new, double EP Onion Hell and the Tapir House is set for a June 23rd release, and you can listen to the stream below. Get ready for an otherworldly experience, guys.

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CAssette are a four-piece indie rock band from Beijing (China), founded in the winter of 2008. Two XXs, two XYs. Two Gemini, two Aries. A unique sound.

They have a rich artistic temperament that is truly rare in today’s manic musical ether. With a fusion style shaped by mood and feeling, CAssette traverse trip-hop, post-rock and electronica, blending guitar, bass and synthesizers with rich, multi-layer sequenced effects. Their dramatic female vocals and guitar, their poetic, metaphorical lyrics, and their constant emotional ebb and flow between a peaceful serenity and surges of noise, has no equal.

They use music to distill the drips and drops of real-life aspirations into a single colorful dream, or as they say: they will not give you what you want, but rather what you should already have.

In August 2011 the band independently released an EP titled “A Boy With The Red Elephant”. In 2013 they released a self-produced multimedia live show called “A.T.G.C.”. And now they are releasing a double EP called “Onion Hell and the Tapir House”.