I also included the album so you can listen and stuff (thanks uploader!)~

This review is really short, it’s more like a blurb when compared to traditional reviews, and doesn’t have all of those technical terms like a lot of others. It’s simple and pretty lax- you guys already know how I like to keep things light here.

The only songs I like enough to listen to multiple times are Red Light and MILK from f(x)‘s 3rd, full length album Red Light. The rest of the songs have potential but seem to be missing their marks- all of the songs are really unique though, as expected. The album’s not bad, it’s actually pretty fun, it’s just hard to get into its groove. At the very least I’m still gonna support it by buying the singles I like. The situation was the same with Pink Tape- I only liked a few tracks and just picked those up.

I honestly don’t know what SM’s deal is with f(x). Why do we have to wait a year for 1 comeback when they have a super popular group on their hands that make up for their weaknesses with eccentric concepts they can actually pull off? They’re bending the Kpop genre in an awesome way yet they barely get a chance to shine as a unit. Like fans have been complaining for years now that f(x) have no fan club name, official color, or any of the other stuff most idol groups get. f(x) should have BEEN gotten this sh*z- they haven’t even had a solo concert wtf? SM’s pushing the HELL out of EXO though!

Members like Sulli and Krystal are fine solo because they’d have no problem getting endorsements, acting jobs etc (they already have), but I’m lowekey worried about the others. Amber can do some MCing/hosting hopefully (I really wanna see her succeed) and I can picture her being super fun in a subunit with somebody, Victoria could try to do some sh*z in Korea but may just end up taking her status from f(x) and transferring it back to China, and Luna hopefully will keep doing musicals and music in general cause that girl can sing.

Basically I’m just confused. f(x) isn’t a flop group so why do they get pushed to the side? This review became a big question mark about SM’s direction with f(x) really quick, but when talking about f(x) their poor management kinda goes hand in hand :/. Anyway I’m curious to know what you guys think of the album! Listen to it below and lemme know~~

P.S. Red Light kinda reminds me of American albums and how the lead single and maybe the B-side are solid, yet all the other tracks are trash or just meh. In Red Light’s cause just meh.