Red Light is everything is completely unexpected and I love it! It’s insane, a track that’s completely all over the place and barely has a melody but works SOOOOO WELL OMG! It’s a hot mess, it’s just bouncing all over the walls but it’s sooooooo addictive! I feel like I’m in an insane asylum after listening/watching the video! Luna is giving me SOOOO MUCH LIFE can she stay like this forever?! Amber is perfect, just perfect. The overall concept is stellar and I’m just honestly blown away. I’m literally writing this seconds after watching the video so I’m still tingling with FEEEEEEEELLLLLSSSSSZZZZ.

Red Light has this Trap, heavy bass Hip Hop vibe until the chorus kicks in- that’s when sh*z really hits the fan. During the verses you’re just dancing like “Okay… I can get into this… this beat is hot I like this” and then when that chorus hits it’s like you just got smacked in the face… hard! It’s not a pretty song in the least but that’s its charm. It’s rugged and rough and nasty and ugly and absolutely anti Kpop in terms of sound. It’s absolutely fantastic and I WILL be buying the album.

If waiting damn near a year for f(x) comebacks mean we ALWAYS get heavy hitting tracks like this then I’m willing to wait. I think this is the most excited I’ve EVER been for one of their comebacks!




(Source: SMTOWN)