They look cool as hell in it too

I really think I’m going to start watching SMTM3. It looks pretty entertaining and it’ll be a nice change of pace from all of the Kpop variety shows. A commenter wrote a decent description of the show so I’m going to include that below. It’s only 4 episodes in so we can catch up fairly quickly- watch it with me if you aren’t already!

Thanks xstilldreamingxox for the breakdown!

hip hop based show where rappers that are both known and unknown go on and rap too see if they pass the first round, and then the next. After three rounds for this season, the remaining rappers choose which ‘crew’ to join, and the professional rappers are like mentors. The winner gets alot of money, i think a debut and a special performance.
the crews are lead by mainstream/ the top rappers of korean hip hop right now, and also represent each agency they come from. Dok2&THE QUIETT represent 1LLIONAIRE, YDG and his own label, TABLO&MASTU WU represent YG, SWINGS&SAN E=Brand New Music.


(Source: YGEntertainment)