Red Velvet

The hate is understandable. And what kind of name is Red Velvet?

At first I was confused as to why their debut MV teaser had sooooooooooo many dislikes, but after reading the comments I totally agree. It seems like fans are revolting against SM in a way, asking for f(x) instead of this new girl group with a stupid name. Seriously I don’t give a f**k about a Red Velvet right now- what’s going on with f(x)?! I refuse to believe some bullsh*z press release that states because Sulli needs a break, THE ENTIRE GROUP has to cancel promotions. Red Light hasn’t even been promoted for a solid 3 weeks and it’s already canned. Wtf? And I’m supposed to be anticipating a new FOUR member girl group with uncontrollable excitement??

Don’t get me wrong I’m interested in Red Velvet and what they’re gonna bring with Happiness, and I’m totally willing to give them an honest shot. It’s just with f(x), my favorite girl group, now being put in this state of limbo I’m not in the right mind to openly accept Red Velvet. SM’s treatment of f(x) has been unfair throughout their entire lifespan, and now we’re adding more insult to injury by debuting a new girl group right after canceling Red Light promotions. It’s so f**ked up it’s almost laughable. And why do Red Velvet have to have this trippy, eccentric concept? Like isn’t that kinda stuff f(x) territory…? I can’t.

TL:DR SM needs to give way more attention to f(x), resume Red Light promotions, and push Red Velvet’s debut back until they’re done.

I read a comment that said something about hoping f(x) find another agency… I don’t know if that’s such a bad idea…


(Source: SMTOWN)