They’re tired of waiting and I can’t blame them

I’m looking forward to WINNER a lot, but because I stanned Team B and still do to this day I’m not anticipating them as much as I would have. Other fans who DO have way more anticipation built up for this group are frustrated, and I get it. They’ve sat through all of these teaser photos and videos and still have to wait for WINNER’s debut MV and album (which thankfully is coming out really, really soon. Release date in the video). This prolonged teaser promotion period is reminding me a LOT of EXO. With EXO it was to the point where I just stopped giving a f**k and completely ceased watching the teasers. I was done. Thankfully WINNER isn’t taking their predebut promotions to that extreme but fans are still rightfully aggravated, cause weren’t they supposed to have BEEN come out??

But their debut is almost here, so let’s just hold out a little longer! Visually everything’s been stellar, but the actual title track and album better be worth all of this hype. I mean music is about the AUDIO after all…


(Source: WINNER)