Bobby SMTM3

My subs team is late and I’m so confused. :/

Episode 7 just came out but I still didn’t get to watch 6 yet because the team I use for subs hasn’t finished it, and I don’t know anywhere else to watch it. This is really disappointing.

YG uploaded a performance of Bobby and his track Go that he performed for SMTM3 Episode 7. He absolutely slays his set with powerful raps, some guest dancer and fan service, and let me just say the judges (besides 1llionaire of course) are NOT looking too happy! I’m going to go out on a limb and assume this is the final round? Or something like that? I wish I knew for certain sighhh.

If you know of any subbing team that gets their subtitles out fairly quickly PLEASE let me know!!


(Source: YGEntertainment)