뱅뱅뱅 (Headache) is such a solid release! The song is heavily 80’s inspired which is always a good thing, and then about halfway through comes this Dubstep breakdown that balances everything out. A lot of people are tired of Dubstep since it’s been used soooooo much recently, but I promise you HIGH4 don’t overdo it and it actually ADDS to the song. The MV’s story is the cutest thing ever, with the members all having delusions of their dream girl appearing in front of them. At one point the MV harkens back to The Grudge which I thought was dope- let’s see if you guys notice it!

HIGH4, as a stated in a previous post, didn’t have the best debut, but this time around I really think Headache will be the song that gets them a firm fanbase, or at least that’s what I’m hoping. This comeback is of so much quality~ Support their 1st mini album HI HIGH with me- it’s on iTunes!




(Source: N.A.P. Entertainment Official)