Red Velvet

Lmao lemme explain

Happiness, as a whole, was very underwhelming, but it did have some stand out parts. For one the concept was unique, although something I didn’t understand. It seemed like SM were just going for something different so they decided to mash cheerleaders and the jungle together. The audio DOES fit that concept somewhat but still… I think most of SM’s focus was on doing something out of the ordinary regardless of if it made sense or not.

Also the choreography was boring and none of the members looked like incredible dancers. Now if you watched SR14G’s teaser you know that Seulgi and Irene can do much better than what is shown in Happiness (well, maybe), so I’m going to blame the lack of dancing prowess on the simple choreography. It would have been nice to debut a girl group that could dance on the same level as EXO or TVXQ. I mean think about it: a dope ass girl group that can do all of these cool formations and techniques!

Oh, and all the members look alike. I’m having a hard time telling who’s who since none of them have a unique color. That just may be the reason why SM decided to color their hair, so we could differentiate (I really liked that bit of the styling btw). But yeah, all of the members look like your generic Ulzzang and it’s gonna take me a minute to figure out their names.

The song is just eh. It’s nothing really all that exciting especially for a debut. It’s not bad, nothing about their debut is, it’s just lackluster. Maybe if Happiness wasn’t their debut I’d feel a bit different but because it WAS (that, and the fact that it’s an SM group), I was expecting way more. Oh well, there’s that I guess.

P.S. I feel really bad for that indie band that spoke out stating how they had the name Red Velvet first. SM, obviously, isn’t changing this group’s name so that only means one thing for the indie band. It really f*****g sucks how indie/underground artists of every genre get sh*tted on in Korea.Ā 

UPDATE: SM removed the original, controversial video and uploaded an edited version without the Hiroshima/911 references. Why those were even in there to begin with, I have no idea.


(Source: SMTOWN)