This group has MAJOR names behind them like m-flo’s VERBAL!

First of all, color-code‘s debut single I LIKE DAT is produced by m-flo’s VERBAL. Yes, PRODUCED by m-flo’s VERBAL!! He didn’t do it alone though, because NICOLA FORMICHETTI helped him. Yes the NICOLA FORMICHETTI, who is also their creative director! Two extremely powerful names in the international art scene known for setting trends and being standout creators are involved in these girls’ development. With this kind of major backing success isn’t even a question, and these are just some of the names involved!

Each one of these girls has so much charisma, all possessing their own unique and striking beauty. Seriously color-code are gorgeous and are pulling off these fashions and dance steps like it’s nothing, and their vocals are the perfect fit for their image. They’re slaying me and I’m ready to purchase this single and tons more in the future. I’m serious when I say I already stan color-code, and their debut single hasn’t even come out yet. They’re such a breath of fresh air in Japan’s music scene- I am too hyped! Check out the teaser and short version MV below as well as release info~

color-code Major debut single ”I LIKE DAT”

【CD Detail】
Release Date: 12th Sept 2014
Title: 『I LIKE DAT』
Price: ¥1.200+ Tax
Product No: COCA-16915

【Song List】
1.I LIKE DAT(Produced by NICOLA & VERBAL(m-flo))
2.Break My Heart (Produced by tofubeats & J-Hype))
3.Tamashii no RUFURAN(Arranged by RYUJA)
4.I LIKE DAT(DJ NUCKY Remix)(Rimixed by DJ Nuckey)

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Label Site:


You just don’t know how many times I’ve replayed this MV


(Source: color-code official)