First episode is next week! 

I was voting for TEAM B to be WINNER, but obviously that wasn’t in their destiny so it’s all good. Instead they’ll be debuting as iKon with some of the Team B members (Bobby, B.I, Jinhwan) getting a permanent position in the group while the others, plus 3 new trainees, compete for a spot. Me and tons of other fans want the original line up of Team B to stay, so if everyone votes that way that means it’ll be 1 of the 3 new trainees that will be getting a spot in iKon. Some are saying it’s a bit harsh for YG to be doing another reality program, and depending on how I look at it I can agree, but damn does it make for good TV. Plus, this is all promotion for Team B and the other trainees so if all goes well they’ll slay come their official debut just like WINNER (if not do better). I’m excited for MIX & MATCH especially considering how great WIN was. Be on the lookout for MIX & MATCH’s first episode next Thursday, September 11th @ 11PM KST on Mnet

p.s. Lately YG has been using some dope tracks as background music for his promo videos.




(Source: YGEntertainment)