School Girl Ninja

I mean, DUH!

This became a viral hit back in July, but surprisingly enough I just found out about it yesterday lmao. I’ll include the actual video and the behind the scenes below. It’s pretty epic and the way it was shot is so smooth- it really makes it seem like this was just a spur of the moment thing between two friends! Imagine being a bystander watching this from the sidelines if it was real!

Two everyday Japanese High School students end up having a chase of epic proportions through the streets of Atami.

It starts out innocently enough – a pair of ordinary schoolgirls, close friends, are messing about, shooting a video of each other on a smart phone when one of them suddenly bolts. Her friend gives chase and things escalate when the pair uses ninja tactics in an epic pursuit that leads from the school all around the city of Atami.

Original video



(Source: SUNSTORY & VICEJapan)