But it ain’t Friday tho

GO CRAZY is a purposely silly track, as you can guess by it’s title. It’s supposed to get everyone (particularly young people) riled up and ready for a fun weekend and I can’t lie, the beat is pretty exciting and something I’d listen to to get myself hyped for a fun night out. The lyrics though, ugh, they’re so stupid lmao. I was beginning to take them seriously and it was annoying me, but then I had to check myself and lighten the f*ck up lolllll~ When you listen to GO CRAZY for what it is it’s a reeeeeeeeally fun song, just don’t go into it expecting something serious (I could be the only one doing that, though). 2PM‘s last comeback was more mature and I’ve come to expect that kind of style from them, so that’s why my expectations for this were a bit different.

The choreography is goofy as hell but it’s cute, and I’m loving this era’s concept. The colors, outfits, MV sets, even the way the teaser pictures were shot- they definitely put you in a partying kinda mood. Too bad this came out on a Tuesday lol. I like 2PM’s comeback but it didn’t grab my attention like I thought it would. It’s super great with a beat that’s killer, but I’m just not as pumped as I want to be. What do you guys think?

Also listen to their album medley. The album’s great for the free-spirited, no worries vibe it’s going for.




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