Don’t know this artist at all but I’m in love with this track~~

Not much to say besides the fact that I love this, so I’m just gonna include the description below cause I literally just found out about the release early this morning (like 1 or 2 AM lmao). Enjoyyyy!

Working on this song with Sarah Bonito was a very special experience for me. When we started brainstorming the music video, I wanted to share the fun, care-free feeling that the song gives out. My good friend Czar Campos, who also directed the video for “40 Winks” off of Desire, traveled to the streets of Shibuya and Harajuku in Tokyo to shoot with the lovely Ayumi Yokoyama. The culture in Tokyo is a huge inspiration for me and the animations were inspired by “Purikura” or the photobooths that pepper the city. Following Ayumi through her day “Truly” makes me swoon and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed the process of it’s existence.


Director – Czar Campos

Starring – Ayumi Yokoyama

Camera – Kento Nakada, Kento Watanabe

Make-up – Ameri Nakamura

Assistant – Ai Munemoto

Edit – Czar Campos

Animation – Paco Raterta


(Source: THUMP)