Lol at grillz

Zico’s Tough Cookie teaser is here and so far so good. It’s a heavy track with gangster vibes complete with twerking and a full set of grillz, but before I continue let me just weigh in on the grillz part.

They gotta go.

I’m okay with the whole hinting at a BJ thing with the banana (it’s whatever if that’s what he wants to do) and the twerking and sh*t, but the 2006 Nelly era grillz gotta go. They’re just too dated I can’t get with it. And let me just add that the twerking and banana fellatio thing, although risque, doesn’t offend me and I think some fans need to calm down. Zico isn’t entirely an idol, which is what I love the most about him, and this single is clearly rated 19+. I think all of the sexuality in this video is all in good fun so fans shouldn’t get too worked up over it, you know? It’s important to remember that Zico has been, and still is in a sense, an underground rapper in terms of the type of music he puts out aka non cheesy and “safe” idol stuff. I like seeing Zico survive and succeed in both the mainstream and Hip Hop industries. It’s actually kind of inspiring because it proves that you don’t have to be pinned to just ONE path- do you and do it with passion and you’ll see results.




(Source: seven seasons)