New experimental sounds from this Beijing based musician

thruoutin has returned with a new single that’s part of Senzu Collective’s compilation project. The song channels an ancient Chinese history in search of deeply buried treasure, lulling you into a meditative state as it carries on. Read on for more information regarding the compilation + the meaning behind 八宝坑.

p.s. The song’s available for “name your price” which technically means free, but if you’d like to throw the artist a few coins knock yourself out!

thruoutin –  八宝坑 (Eight Treasure Pit)

Included on North Hollywood, California label, Senzu Collective’s new compilation.ミックステープ-senzu-vol-x/

“After a long hiatus from mixtapes, and our spring release of the Infinite Light Series, we decided it was finally time to return for our celebrated 10th compilation, and we couldn’t be happier. Bringing in fresh work from old friends we haven’t heard from in a bit, holding it down with current crew heavy hitters, and showing off some new homies we can look forward to releasing in the coming months. Artists appearing include Basixsage, Bluecrew, Bubblegum Crisis, 猫 シ Corp., Doctrnal, Eclectic, Elyphant, Falls, iiYe, Game Boy Sp & Lists, MtMt, O B S E R V E R S,  ongjoco, Phonome,  Pine Grove, Plasthma, Rupert, Scott Xylo, Shark Anthony,  Shangozeropoint, slw.kng, Spectre Sound, thruoutin, and Xen.

Much Love and Enjoy,

Senzu 仙”

More on the song itself:

This song is called 八宝坑 which literally translates into English as ‘Eight Treasure Pit’.  It is a hutong or small alleyway in Beijing where the material and recordings for the song were made. Legend has it that during the Qing Dynasty  someone accidentally buried treasure underneath brick tiles in a deep pit somewhere in the hutong and this is where the name originates from.