Scheduled for a 12/12 release!

SKY-HI plays a successful bachelor in his latest visual for 2nd single Smile Drop! It’s an 80’s themed Pop track that’s full of explosive energy all while displaying SKY-HI’s effortless confidence. Expect the single’s official release in December!

p.s. Peep SKY-HI getting his song credit bars up!

Lyrics & MUSIC : SKY-HI
Music & Track Produced by UTA for TinyVoice,Production
Vocal melody composed by SKY-HI
Recorded by Tomoe Nishikawa for TinyVoice,Production@nano Studio
Mixed by Tomoe Nishikawa for TinyVoice,Production@VISON Studio

2ndシングル 「スマイルドロップ」

1. スマイルドロップ
2. Serial
3. スマイルドロップ (Instrumental)
4. Serial (Instrumental)
5. スマイルドロップ (Acappella)
6. Serial (Acappella)

1. スマイルドロップ (Music Clip)
2. スマイルドロップ (Music Clip Making)


(Source: avexnetwork)