Discussion time~~

Zico’s new solo track Tough Cookie along with its MV are now out but fans, mostly international ones I believe, aren’t too pleased. As far as my understanding goes they’re mad because of the use of the word f*ggot, the BJ innuendo with the banana, and the confederate flag that Zico has on his jacket. As far as the flag goes I’m sure many are countering the displeasure with “he just didn’t know”, but how long are we going to use that excuse? Whether Korea likes it or not Korean music is now a global phenomenon and they need to get it together. Things like the confederate flag, which is deeply rooted in American history, should be avoided and I don’t understand how ANYONE in Seven Seasons, on set etc. failed to realize its significance and how it could be a negative/offensive thing to include. I get that the majority of the employees for these companies may be Korean and seeing as Korea is a homogeneous society knowing the histories and nuances of global culture may be lost on them, but how about hiring some Americans (for the sake of the flag example) as consultants? Like if you as the Korean employer don’t want to do the work and educate yourself then hire someone FROM that country or who has extensive knowledge on it to do it for you… it’s really not that hard. But I digress.

Even with the confederate flag and all the other things being present I’m still not necessarily upset. I’m pretty damn confident the use of the flag was just out of ignorance, and the other imagery/comments were just typical modern day Hip Hop elements that Zico incorporated into his own song. I’m not mad at him or gonna stop listening to his music or anything, it’s not that big of a deal to me personally (although I can def empathize with others), but I will admit a strong and serious push for global education in Korea definitely needs to be done. The internet has made culture so easily accessible so this kind of ignorance… it’s steadily becoming more and more inexcusable.





(Source: seven seasons)