B.A.P will be fine, and here’s why

I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible. These are just my opinions on the situation, keep in mind, but I do believe in them strongly.

B.A.P is TS Entertainment‘s biggest money maker, so if they don’t rectify this situation they’re f*cked. Not only will they lose all of that B.A.P money but fans will shun them, so they’ll go bankrupt. B.A.P have such a large international fanbase from NUMEROUS countries- all of that money lost means a huge plummet in their finances, and they can kiss any new groups’ success goodbye because they too will be tainted with TS’ bullsh*t reputation.

Speaking of new TS groups, B.A.P and their lawsuit are setting a precedent for all future groups from the label. This is a major issue and the company will have to adjust their policies, which means not only will B.A.P benefit from a fixed contract but so will new groups to prevent another situation like this from happening again. I mean can you imagine another group suing TS Ent for the same reason in the future?! They’d be completely done, because not only are more people being treated unjustly but it’ll prove they didn’t learn their lesson.

TS Entertainment ain’t stupid though, they’re gonna fix this. They ain’t letting that B.A.P cash cow go- they NEED that money. And let’s say for some reason things were actually done between B.A.P and TS, that’s not gonna be the end of B.A.P. Another label is going to scoop them up, akin to Block B and Seven Seasons, and someone else will benefit from all that $$$ the boys can bring in (and that new company will MAKE SURE their contracts are good).

Either way B.A.P is going to be fine, and they’re revolutionizing TS Entertainment. I’m happy as f*ck all the members are sticking together. B.A.P are one of the few idol groups that seem genuinely close and seeing them fight this as a unit is dope as hell.

Babyz, do not fret! B.A.P is going to prosper because of this!