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Guys, I found some gold for you

I’m typing this at damn near 12:30 AM like I don’t have to be up in a few hours, but that’s what coming across good music does to me- sudden writing inspiration so I can share my new findings with you guys!

We’ve written about the amazing duo AM444 numerous times before, we’re in love with their sound and that can’t be stressed enough, but here’s something new! Combine ChaCha‘s delicate, sexy vocals with Hamacide‘s meditative instrumentals and you have something… ugh I can’t even find the words right now, and for that I blame excitement and fatigue. Hamacide’s a producer I just came across and will be following from now on. This collab with AM444’s ChaCha spreads that Japan x China unity along with outputting some awesome vibes. Thirty Hours, the title of the joint effort, is available now for free (or name your price) via Hamacide’s Bandcamp. Support, support, support! Hamacide x ChaCha is f*cking fantastic.

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