Shanghai-based duo “AM444” release new album ‘Rooms’

During a drive today,?AM444 had me making a series of groaning noises as I danced without giving two f**ks who saw me during stop lights. Keeping it real, Rooms is hard for me to write about. It’s one of the sexiest albums I’ve heard in a while, a long while, and it’s giving me so much that it’s difficult to find the words. I don’t know how ChaCha and Jay.Soul found this musical chemistry. Like I’ve said before, it’s some sort of?otherworldly, non-physical?connection?that these two share. Listen to the hypnotic beats by Jay paired with the entrancing melodies of ChaCha- the two become one through music. And that’s all I got. Something tells me you’ll only fully understand once you take a listen for yourself, anyway.

Some of my favorites from Rooms below (you don’t even know just how hard picking these few was for me). Get your copy of Rooms Here.