NS Yoon-G

I’m flippin the f*ck out! Do I smell something fishy?! I hope not!

Dude I had to dig through my brain archives for a good 20 minutes and think back to what song NS Yoon-G‘s Wifey reminded me so much of! Finally I remembered- Wifey sounds JUST LIKE Jennifer Lopez‘s 2001 hit I’m Real featuring Ja Rule. That song was the CUT back in the day and is STILL the jam, but I’ll be damned if NS Yoon-G’s people didn’t get HEAVY influence from it. I know you can borrow up to a certain amount of a song before it’s a copy right issue, but idk man… I hope they did everything legally cause these instrumentals are very similar. I’ll even include both songs below so you guys can hear it for yourselves.